Accepting Online Bookings with Vacation RentPro

In addition to Availability Calendars, Property Pages, Property Group Pages and Cleaning Calendars which Vacation RentPro can optionally post to your own website, the software also provides the option of interfacing with™ or™ for Online Bookings and Availability directly on your website.  This feature allows your guests to make reservations online based on available dates and rental rates uploaded by Vacation RentPro, and then have those reservations downloaded and converted into Bookings as you review them.

Availability Online Webervations

Please Note:  Vacation RentPro also integrates with HomeAway / VRBO and RedAwning for Online Bookings and Full Listing updates, using your HomeAway for Property Managers account, or RedAwning account.  The interface with Availability Online and Webervations is for accepting online bookings through your own website.

HomeAway  RedAwning 


Both AvailabilityOnline and Webervations provide several options and features for providing Availability lookups across multiple properties and allowing Guests to make reservations directly online.  They also offer the option of accepting payments online from guests or just requiring the credit card info so you can process the payments according to your payment schedules in VRP.

Both AvailabilityOnline and Webervations have been in the reservations business for many years, and we believe they offer the absolute best price for accepting online bookings and a great value for our customers.

Between the two, our recommendation is  They cost less, and they have a superior system.  Our integration with them allows for multiple types of fees, including opt-in and opt-out fees, discount coupons, and daily, weekly and monthly rates.

The price for AvailabilityOnline is a flat rate of $95 / year for unlimited properties.  You can't beat this price anywhere for allowing secure online bookings.

Vacation RentPro incorporates a seamless, two-way Interface with both and as follows:

  1. Uploading Available Dates and Rental Rates across multiple properties, and
  2. Downloading new Reservations made by Guests and converting them into Bookings.

Each service notifies you when new reservations have been made.

Once reservations are downloaded into Vacation RentPro, you can automatically convert them into actual Bookings on a reservation-by-reservation basis.  This process allows you to review each reservation and modify or add any additional fees, if necessary.

Example of Integration with Availability Online

This sample Property Page provides an example of integration with Availability Online.  In the Menu bar, click on "Calendar/Quote or Reserve".  Select your dates and click "Book it Now" in the Instant Quote.

Future Interfaces

In the future, we plan to include additional interfaces to other third-party sites as we develop new relationships.  Our goal is to give our customers multiple options and not limit them to a particular service for providing these and other features.